Minnesota Senate DFL Candidates Knock More than 100,000 Doors

July 20, 2022
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Minnesota Senate DFL Candidates Knock More than 100,000 Doors

Record voter contact effort fueled by fundraising strength, voter enthusiasm and

 expanded field strength

Minnesota Senate DFL candidates hit a historic campaign milestone by knocking on more than 100,000 doors by mid-July. The robust voter outreach reflects the continued efforts of Senate DFLers to regain majority control of the upper legislative chamber this fall by fielding competitive races in every corner of the state. 

“Our goal from the very start has been to build a campaign that is second to none in candidate recruitment, fundraising and field strength, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Senate DFL Leader Melisa López Franzen. “Hitting this milestone this early validates the strength of our candidates and highlights the enthusiasm of volunteers and voters who understand the importance of electing a DFL Senate majority.”

Campaign Chair Erin Murphy attributed the strong ground game to the strong slate of candidates, as well as a state-of the-art campaign plan and early investment in targeted districts. She also pointed to recent rulings by the Supreme Court and deep disappointment among voters about the failed leadership of Senate Republicans on middle-class tax cuts and education as factors that are fueling a strong sense of urgency and excitement by candidates and volunteers alike. 

“The commitment of our candidates is being matched by record numbers of volunteers in every district who are ready to walk, knock and talk with their neighbors about a better vision for Minnesota than Republican candidates are offering,” said Campaign Chair Erin Murphy. “Voters are responding to the talented slate of candidates who are running and the hopeful message they’re carrying, and they understand what’s at stake if we don’t flip the Senate.”

Campaign Director Megan Hondl predicted the impressive showing would only grow stronger throughout the remainder of the summer and fall, noting the campaign had already knocked another twenty-five thousand doors within a week of hitting the 100K milestone. Additionally, fundraising strength shows no signs of slowing down and volunteer engagement continues to increase. Just this week every one of the DFL endorsed candidates raised enough money to qualify for Minnesota’s public campaign funding match, another marker of campaign strength that is unprecedented in recent caucus campaign efforts. 

“We know when Democrats knock on doors, Democrats win,” said Hondl. “Our candidates are energized by the reception they’re getting at the doors and our volunteers are amplifying their efforts with the same energy and enthusiasm. We’re out-working, out-fundraising and out-door knocking Republicans, and that’s how we’ll win in November.”