Minnesota Senate DFL Campaign Sets Fundraising Record

January 25, 2022
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Minnesota Senate DFL Campaign Sets Fundraising Record

Battle to reclaim control of the Senate in 2022 bolstered by enthusiastic donor support, new campaign leadership and a robust campaign infrastructure

Days before official fundraising reports are filed, the Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus Campaign announced historic fundraising in 2021. With a record $1.7 million dollars in donations and $1.2 million cash on hand, the surge in donations puts Senate Democrats in a competitive position to win key districts and flip control of the Minnesota Senate in November.

“The Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus is ready to win and ready to lead in 2022,” said Senate DFL Leader Melisa López Franzen. “Our strong fundraising is proof that voters are eager to see progress on the issues they care most about. The first step is taking back control of the Senate and solidifying a governing majority that works for Minnesotans.”

In addition to the impressive show of fundraising strength, López Franzen also pointed to aggressive steps the MN Senate DFL Caucus is taking to rebuild its campaign infrastructure and recruit candidates who can successfully challenge Republicans in districts across the state.

Senator Erin Murphy is leveraging her statewide relationships to lead the campaign for the 2022 cycle and the caucus hired Megan Hondl as campaign director in June of 2021. Hondl, a successful campaign operative originally from Lakeville, came back to Minnesota after impressive victories leading a contested Congressional race in Massachusetts and flipping the Virginia House of Delegates from GOP to Democratic control. The new leadership, beefed up staffing, an intensive candidate support infrastructure and expanded voter outreach efforts have been put in place to help every candidate mount a winning campaign.

“I’m incredibly optimistic that the pieces are in place to win in November,” said López Franzen. “But from here until Election Day we won’t take anything for granted or waste a single opportunity to listen and talk directly with Minnesotans to make sure they know we’re ready to tackle what matters most to them.”